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REVIEW and EXCERPT from Spellbound in His Arms by Angel Sefer

Spellbound in His ArmsThis book LITERALLY sucked me in with the very first paragraph!!!  Look farther down to get a peek at it!! :-)

Book Description:

A mansion full of secrets…
From the moment investigative reporter Jackie Alexander steps foot inside the mansion dominating the Demiris estate on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, her suspicions are on high alert. This is no ordinary assignment… The life of her beloved cousin, Aphrodite, is in grave danger, as the heirs to the incredible fortune of Greek tycoon Andreas Demiris die one after the other, under mysterious circumstances…
A man with secrets of his own…
The only person who can help Jackie is Michael Apostolou, former Special Forces Officer and one of the finest detectives on the Athens police force. Soon enough though, Jackie realizes, that despite her simmering desire for him, she can’t really trust him, as the seductive detective seems to be investigating those mysterious deaths for reasons of his own…
Trusting the wrong person can be deadly…
Jackie and Michael are forced to work together, but the suspicions and unanswered questions are devouring them, just like their rising passion for each other. In games like this, the stakes are high and the players are ruthless… When Jackie is kidnapped by the most dangerous player of all, time is running out, as Michael is forced to choose between jeopardizing his mission and personal quest for justice, or the life of the gorgeous intruder of his heart…

This book was page after page of constant action!  Seriously, check out the very first paragraph of this book:

           Jackie stopped dead in her tracks. What was that? A light noise coming from somewhere in the back of the mansion turned her blood to ice.  She immediately turned the flashlight off and stood still, holding her breath. Her mouth went dry. What if there was someone in the mansion? How would she explain who she was and what she was doing here in the middle of the night? Then again, would her explanations make any difference to whomever, or even worse whatever, was out there? The old mansion was pitch black, far away from any civilized soul and the owner dead. Who could it be? 

~ Chapter 1, Paragraph 1, Spellbound in His Arms

I’m not sure I can tell you how very much I enjoyed this book!  It really was fly by the seat of your pants!  Every time things finally calmed down for Jackie – BAM – she was off and running again!  It was so much fun!  I like the ways that Michael finds her and helps her.  Because is could have very easily been redundant, but each time he was able to was a totally different circumstance.  Sometimes it was easy, sometimes not.

I had a very hard time putting this book down because it is so action packed!  It is not a super long book, but it just flew by.  I couldn’t believe how much happened and I don’t think she wasted a single word! J  I think very few authors would be able to pack that much into a book and make it believable.  Of course I was rolling my eyes at Jackie a couple of times and thinking “uh-oh, here she goes again!”, but the events were such that I believed she had no choice.

The bottom line – get this book, you won’t regret it.  It was a fun book and a little like your favorite roller coaster.  Two people falling in love, yet they don’t quite trust each others…..hmmmm…..LOVE IT!!

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About the Author

Angel Sefer AuthorAngel Sefer was born in Athens, Greece. She has studied and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. She holds a degree in Economics, and divides her time between the corporate world and her true passion: reading and writing romance, mystery and adventure novels.

She lives in Athens, Greece, with the two loves of her life – her son and her husband – and her wonderful and supportive family.

Angel is a member of several writers groups.

Catch up with the Author, Angel Sefer

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Enter to WIN – Collision Force by C. A. Szarek – Enter To WIN!!


I am so excited to read this book!!  I have not had a chance to read it yet, but everything I have heard says this will be a fantastic ride!!  I’ve included the book’s blurb and an excerpt to get you ready to grab up COLLISION FORCE!! Buy it on AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE. You can also check out this book on GOODREADS!  Keep reading for the GIVEAWAY details! 😉


Book one in the Crossing Forces series

 Bad boy FBI agent and feisty widowed police detective collide pursuing a human trafficker in small town Texas on their way to true love.

Bad boy, married to his job FBI agent Cole Lucas always gets his man. So when the unthinkable happens and one gets away, Cole grits his teeth and hunts human trafficker Carlo Maldonado all the way to Antioch, Texas, where he collides with Detective Andi MacLaren.

 Cole doesn’t do small towns and doesn’t get involved with women he works with, but Andi tempts him in ways he doesn’t want to acknowledge.

 Two murders, her partner shot and leading the investigation on her own, the last thing Andi needs is a cocky FBI agent who sees her as no more than a tagalong.

 Widow and single mother Andi is used to being on her own. When Cole gets stuck without a place to stay, crashing on her couch puts them in dangerous territory.

Attraction and passion bring Andi to a place she’d left behind when her husband died. Her three-year-old son quickly wiggles his way into Cole’s heart, and he starts contemplating things—family, love—that he’d never planned for himself.

 Can being forced to work together make them stronger or will their differences jeopardise their case and their hearts?

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Collision ForceEXCERPT

Cole cursed. He stared into the rear-view mirror in the busy parking lot, but saw nothing. He’d been so close this time.

The damn local police were breathing down his neck, and that was the last thing he wanted…or needed.

Cooperation, my ass. They needed to get the hell out of his case. He’d been too involved for too long, and he wasn’t about to let some Podunk police chief tell him what to do.

Not to mention that dumbass detective getting himself shot. Cole didn’t need the locals piecing it all together. He had to wrap up a few things before letting them in on his case. Full disclosure wasn’t on his list at all.

That bastard Maldonado had got away from him. Even two months later, that still chapped. But he’d tracked him here and been in town a few weeks with no clues. Until the shooting. Two goons dead and a police detective shot twice. And Maldonado had slipped back into the shadows. Cole’s gut told him the coward was still in town… He hadn’t—or couldn’t—move on. But where the hell was he?

Cole’s cell phone rang, yanking him from his thoughts.

“Lucas,” he said.

“Where the hell are you?” Olivia Barnes, his supervisor, barked at him. “Chief Martin called screaming at me. He said you told him to kiss your ass? What the hell, Cole? I told you to cooperate with them.”

Cole snorted. Chief Martin had misquoted him, but not by much.

“I don’t need them, Olivia.”

“Oh, don’t Olivia me. This was an order from higher up. Get that through your thick skull, dammit. Get to that station and make nice. Now.”

Cole sighed. His boss didn’t respond. Though her tone had brooked no argument, he’d been tempted to tell her to kiss his ass. It wasn’t like his record wasn’t tainted, and it wouldn’t have been the first time he’d told her off. But he held his tongue. He was damn good at his job, and Olivia knew it. Cole would play along, for now.

“All right,” he answered. Olivia was silent on the other end of the phone. Too silent.

“All right?”

“You’ve ordered me, correct?” Cole said dryly. He could almost hear her eyes narrow.

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. C’mon, Liv, I can be a good boy.”

She harrumphed. “Okay. Go kiss Chief Martin’s ass.”

“Can’t promise that, but I will go to the station.”

“Good. I can’t afford any more damage control, Agent Lucas.”

Uh oh, Agent Lucas? “Sounds like a warning.”

“It is.” Olivia lowered her voice. “I don’t want to have to yank you off the case, Cole.”

Like that would happen. “I’ll call you later.”

She started to say something, but he ended the call imagining her outraged expression—one he was quite familiar with. He smirked. Yes, he would play along…for now.

The drive to the station was short, but didn’t alleviate his irritation with the whole damn situation. He slammed the car door and winced, berating himself. He loved this car. Cole patted the hood in apology, admiring the brand new, deep metallic blue Dodge Challenger. It looked mean as hell. Like it was made for him. He’d even contemplated keeping it when this was all over.

He groaned when he took in the smallish Antioch, Texas police station, but headed inside. The asshole desk sergeant practically growled when he introduced himself, as did Chief Martin over the intercom. He ran into the female, literally, right after Sergeant Asshole-of-the-year had finally acknowledged his existence and buzzed him into the back. And although his head smarted, seeing a beautiful woman was the highlight of his morning.

“Whoa, sorry,” she said, smiling. Her chestnut hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. She was tall and slender, and he liked what he saw. She was wearing a white button-down dress shirt and snug khaki pants, and the outfit was somehow incredibly sexy.

Cole almost missed the paddle holster at her waist, but when he saw it, he couldn’t help but admire her subtly rounded hips. Her badge was on a chain around her neck, swaying gently with her movements. A detective.

“No, I’m sorry. You all right?” he answered, trying to tear his eyes away.

“Sure. You?”

He nodded. Cole bent and helped her retrieve the scattered case file contents. He latched onto a crime scene photo. Not only was she a detective, she was working his case—the pictures were all-too-familiar evidence. No doubt the local case was tied to his. He bit back a cringe.

“Ah, I don’t think we’ve met.”

They both straightened and she thanked him for his help. He tried not to stare at the items in her arms.

“Oh, I guess not. Detective Andi MacLaren. Nice to meet you.” She held out her right hand, but he couldn’t help but glance at her left before accepting her shake. No wedding ring. Good.

“Andi, huh?” He met her eyes.

“Well, it’s Andrea, but not even my mother calls me that.” She smiled.

Instinct told him she was a no muss, no fuss, hard-working kind of girl. Not overly feminine, but extremely appealing. A smattering of freckles spread across her high cheekbones and trailed over her nose. She wore little or no makeup—that drew him as well. Not his normal type at all, but gorgeous.

“And you are?” she prompted.

Cole jolted to attention. He’d been staring. And she looked as if she was oblivious. Should that bother him? Yes. Women always noticed him.

“Special Agent Cole Lucas, FBI.”

Her eyes widened, then she flashed a grin that could have only been called impish. It rivalled one he was known to give from time to time. “You’re Agent Lucas? You’ve had Chief in a tizzy all morning.” Was that admiration in her tone?

He smiled back. “Guilty,” he admitted, winking at her.

“Agent Lucas,” Chief Martin shouted from the doorway to his office.

Cole caught Detective MacLaren’s eye and shrugged. “Guess I’m being summoned.”

She chuckled.

“Hope to catch you later…Andi.” He flashed a grin, then trotted towards the angry police chief before she could answer.

Are you hooked yet?!?

chrissy 007

About Author C. A. SZAREK:

C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is
married and has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with
kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is
overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

Collision Force Tour

YOU WILL PAY by Eve Rabi

cover-you-will-pay-9-may-20131Note:  This book is about domestic abuse, abuse and contains strong language, violence and sexual violence.

Let me tell you that Eve Rabi KNOWS how to do REVENGE!! YOU WILL PAY gives real, gritty details of abuse and revenge and is not for the faint of heart! That being said, again this is a book of Eve Rabi’s that I could NOT put down. There was so much strong emotion it was like a physical work out! My heart was racing at the tense moments, and melting at the tender ones. That is the absolute best thing for me about any author, and Eve Rabi definitely delivers!

Here is what the book is about:


“The part I hated most about my miserable existence – the bedroom.
I hated the way he demanded sex just about every night, forced me into perverted positions and the fact that he was insatiable.
Hated the way he roughed me up during sex, grabbed my hair, twisted my neck, the way his hand fastened around my throat while thrusting vigorously into me, the way he took total control over my body and my soul and dominated me in the harshest possible way, the way he demanded I orgasm in record time, then got irritated when I didn’t, the way I had to fake it just to please him, the way I broke down and cried in the bathroom so many times after sex with him, the man I had chosen to have and to hold.

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Catch up with Eve Rabi:

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Dark Eros by H. Raven Rose

DarkErosCoverThis was another dark book that took me by surprise. It’s creepy scary, with some gore, some brutality (both sexual and otherwise), but there is also the underlying love, hope, and a will to survive and take control of life again.

Book Description:


The shadow of night, desecrated corpses, dark erotic desires and a naïve girl collide when a sadistic killer stalks and murders defenseless young women in a tiny town.

 My thoughts:

Going into this book I wasn’t entirely sure I would like it.  However, the writing brought such life into the story that I was completely addicted.  I could hardly put it down long enough to get some rest!

Dark Eros takes you on such an incredible journey, with a soul satisfying conclusion, that I can’t help but rave about it.  The naive girl, Leila, is sort of stuck in a relationship with Kevin.  Kevin is lazy, mean, and a slob.  Leila believes she loves him so she stays with him – not that she has a lot of options in the small town.  Her parents are gone, killed in an accident, and she has her best friend, Shannon, who is hopelessly self-absorbed.

This book has so much emotion, from depression and gut wrenching fear to ideal happiness.  My heart was broken a few times, but was rightfully mended by the end of the book.  Dark Eros is beautifully written and I recommend it to anyone as long as you’re not too squeamish! :-)

Shudder-worthy quote:

“Give me the throwaway people…  the children and people nobody watches, the homeless addicts and slackers, the prostitutes and trampy girls who deserve what they get. Go ahead and scream if you like. Do you like to be tied up? That’s the only way I like to do it…” he whispered to himself. Then he moved.

Pick it up at any of these locations!

Amazon Link

Barnes & Noble Link


You can also check it out on Goodreads and see a trailer for the book on YouTube!

Catch up with the author H. Raven Rose on her website at: http://hravenrose.com/