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Caffè Latte by H. Raven Rose

CaffeLatteCoverBoysThis is another M/M book that I really enjoyed! I mean LOOK at that cover!  Sweet and Sexy.  It was more of a philosophical journey, that makes you love the romanticized thoughts of Ryan.  He tends to think (and sometimes talk to himself) inside his head while going about his everyday life and literally stops to ask himself “what the hell am I thinking?!?

Book Description:

When Ryan was a small boy, about six years old, he knew that he wasn’t like other boys. He loved his preschool teacher. He wanted to marry him. When he was a little older, he played doctor… with boys. He did not grow out of this. He loved and lusted for males, from boys to men. After a traumatic upbringing in Utah, with an abusive fundamentalist, homo-phobic family, he escaped to Tinsel Town. There he pursued his passions, perfecting his signature coffee creation, planning for a coffee shop of his own, and refining his hit-it-and-run one-night sexcapades. Afraid of love, he was a serial one-night stand man and kept his inner romantic locked in the closet. Until the morning our sexy, handsome Yeats aficionado wakes up to discover that he had fallen into bed, and possibly in love, with a young, wealthy soulful man who is entirely unlike anyone our baristo has ever met. Terrified, he’s off to work where he witnesses a heterosexual romantic farce that opens him to the possibility of lasting love, for the first time ever. Will he stay true to form and turn tail and run? Or will he open his heart and face his new love like a man? Meet Ryan in WeHo for a caffè latte and see for yourself.

My Thoughts

This book was light-hearted and a real joy to read!  I loved that this broken man was reciting poetry in his head.  Relating his real life experiences to the things he had read.  I enjoyed getting inside of Ryan’s head and seeing how he thinks.  He tries to work through his past issues to see if he can have a chance at love, although the entire thing essentially takes place in such a short time span.

The naming of the chapters alone are so much fun!!

  1. Kiss My Ass 
  2. Ho-Hum De-Dum-Dum 
  3. An Elixir 
  4. Conflicted and Bitchy 
  5. Not Such a Dumb Bitch 
  6. Men Fuck with You 
  7. Non-Committal Boyfriend 
  8. None of it Meant Anything 
  9. Gayly Ever After

The answer for me is that I definitely recommend this book for those times when you need to be uplifted.

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The Chase by Erin O’Quinn

TheChaseCoverThis was such a great story! I loved that we had two men, so very different, that come together and find love. Be warned this a graphic M/M super hot erotic love story.

But first (of course) the book’s description:

An outspoken gay and a quiet rancher are each pursuing a fantasy. Where will the chase lead them?

Start with a smartass gay man named Brew Lloyd, back home in the hick town of Noble, Nevada for a few weeks. Add a shy man a few years older named Chase Grayson, unsure of his sexuality and buried in work on his dad’s ranch 15 miles from town.

Now throw the two of these guys together: Make the rookie Brew get his hands dirty while Chase, working alongside him, tries to hide the growing timber in his jeans.

A few more ingredients are in order. Brew’s father has long ago turned away from him, ashamed and afraid of his son’s homosexuality. Chase and his own father are being threatened by the loss of part of their ranch.

Now stir the pot to include the mystery of a missing mine claim and a trail of graft and corruption that all end on the ranch, a place called “The Chase.”

This book is an exploration of the sexual coming-of-age of one man and the family alienation of the other. It’s also an adventure, a mystery, and a very erotic trip to the “new old west” of Nevada.

My Thoughts

I just loved this story. These two men knew of (and were drawn to) each other in high school, but never even spoke. Chase is older and is drawn to listening to Brew speak….anywhere, whether it was the debate team practices or the plays Brew was a part of. He didn’t understand why he was drawn to the younger man, he just was. Brew lusted after the big, gorgeous football star, but was sure that he would never be interested with all the girls hanging off him. Chase graduated and went to work with his Pa on the ranch. As soon as Brew graduated he flew out-of-town to get away from his very un-accepting father.
Several years later, Brew comes home and his father sends him to his friend Roy’s ranch (The Chase) to help out. As soon as Chase (Roy’s son) and Brew set eyes on each other it is instantaneous FIREWORKS!

Something I really love about men (especially the ideal in my books) is that they don’t beat around the bush! As soon as Chase realizes he loves Brew, he TELLS him! This is so refreshing.

Now all they have to do is figure out who is trying to steal part of The Chase and deal with Brew’s dad….

You will NOT want to miss this book it really does have it all – love, lust, sex, mystery, sex, conflict, and more scorching hot sex! This book flows so naturally, keeps moving the entire way. I had a very hard time putting it down!

I WANT IT!! Okay, okay I hear you, here are the links to buy! :-)
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