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REVIEW – Her Rebellious Heart by Marian McBride

RebelliousHeartCoverBook Blurb:

Bridget Campbell is more interested in music than men. In fact, she may be the only girl in the Scottish lowlands who isn’t looking for a husband. But when her estranged grandfather’s health begins to decline and he asks her to move into his castle, Bridget is introduced to a handsome Highlander who becomes a rival for her attention. Although perfect strangers, there’s a connection between Bridget and Aidan MacLeod that she can’t ignore. Can she stand up to the men in her life who are pressuring her to settle down? At first uneasy about leaving her parents’ modest home to live at Ty-Runach Castle, Bridget feels pressured to accept her grandfather’s invitation. Robert had distanced himself from her mother when she married a man from a rival clan. The ancient feud between the MacDonalds and the Campbells broke her family apart, but maybe Bridget can heal the rift?


But someone clearly doesn’t want her at the castle. Strange noises in the night and a frightening attack nearly send Bridget running from the keep. And then there’s Aidan. Rumors of his reputation as a ladies man convince her to stay away lest she become the highlander’s conquest. Yet her rebellious heart beats faster whenever Aidan is near. A single kiss lights a fire within that threatens to consume her. Can she resist Aidan’s advances and rein in her runaway heart?

This was such a sweet, romantic, historical novella! I loved that the heroine, Bridget, was a strong girl with goals. This book is a relatively quick read, and is pretty suspenseful. I also really enjoyed getting a feel for what life was like in this era. Many historical books don’t give you much background, but just jump into the story. I don’t generally read historical so I prefer the scene to be set for me and this book was perfect! What I really liked was that it gave me some background, but didn’t overdo it. 

We meet Bridget who is a very good musician and has a true passion for it. She wants to teach music and knows she will eventually have to leave home to do so, since there is already a great teacher nearby. When she is asked to visit her estranged Grandfather and be Hostess for his dinner party she is unsure. Then she finds out he wants her to come and LIVE with him!

She also meets Aiden, who is handsome, but irritates her more than anything else.  He is arrogant and seems to expect she will just fall for him without any effort.  When she doesn’t and continues to rebuff him, he doesn’t know what to do.  The tragedy strikes…..will the pair realize their real love?

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About the Author

Marian McBride is an American author of Scottish descent. When she feels like honoring her roots, she plays her Celtic harp, but not as well as she’d like. Occasionally, she sings along, usually when she wants to punish her family.

Marian is not a particularly good Scot. She doesn’t enjoy haggis or bagpipes, but she does love a good Highland Games, particularly when men in kilts do the caber toss. “Her Rebellious Heart” is Marian’s sole novella. She hopes by showing some Scottish pride in her writing, her clansmen will forgive for not visiting home often.