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EXcapades by Debra Kay

2d38f872b05ad7e7bbf5ef803a94dd9ac4b69eb4-thumbThis story was an emotional roller coaster….in a GOOD way!!

Here is the books extended description from Smashwords:

 EXcapades is a touching love story about second chances.

When her husband suddenly moves out to begin a new life with a younger woman, Lila’s world is shattered. She never dreamed she’d manage her empty nest without him. For so many years, Lila has put the needs of others ahead of her own, but with her daughter now in college, she realizes it’s time to focus on herself. She eagerly embarks on a journey of self-discovery. But is it too late?

When a handsome man from her past breezes back into her life and encourages her to have fun again, Lila is startled. Her college boyfriend—her first true love—wants to rekindle the magic they once shared, their passion for life and adventure. At the same time, he awakens her hidden desires. But can she trust him? He believes he has learned from his mistakes, and he insists his years in the military have made him an admirable man. Even if he is all he claims, will her devastating secret stand in the way of their happiness?

Share her journey as Lila rediscovers how to live and love even in the shadow of uncertainty.

Word count: 70,445
Sexual content warning: Explicit love scenes

I am also giving a suspense classification for this book.  I have to tell you, I was on the edge of my seat for most of it.  When it begins she “knows something’s wrong” but refuses to call the doctor’s office back.  This sort of hangs over you for the majority of the book.  And even once she finds out there is so much suspense in what will she do?  Will she or won’t she tell him?  A lot of mysteries don’t keep me in suspense that well!!

I am also going to break it to you as gently as I can………………you WILL cry!  I don’t think it’s possible not to!  This is the type of story that reaches in and grabs a hold of all of your emotions and doesn’t let go!!  I honestly had a horrible time putting it down once I picked it up.  This is such a fun book with a pretty serious undertone.  It is definitely one you don’t want to miss!!

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