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SALE!!! – Swimming Upstream by Ruth Mancini!!!!

Swimming UpstreamSwimming Upstream will be on sale for $0.99 (save $2) from January 28 -30!!  So Hurry!!!!
Swimming Upstream Blurb
“I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident. Which is quite fitting really, given what happened.”
After seven years, Lizzie wonders whether she’s truly happy with her long-term boyfriend. When one wrong step and a chance meeting set off an unexpected chain of events, her life begins to unravel. On the same day that she meets Martin, an attractive lifeguard, her old friend, Catherine, re-appears. But is Martin really all he seems? And what is the secret that Catherine is hiding? As Lizzie struggles to confront the ghosts of her past, can she survive the shocking twist that will change the course of her future?

Swimming Upstream is a life-affirming and often humorous story about a young woman’s pursuit of happiness. It is also a story of female friendship, love, and divided loyalties – and the moral choices that we find ourselves making when the chips are down.

 You can also check out my review of this book HERE!!!!

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REVIEW and SPECIAL PRICE- Between the Sheets (The Between Boyfriends Series) by Sarka-Jonae Miller!!

BTSPre-order this book today for the special price of $2.99!! This wonderful chick-lit will be released on Valentine’s Day!! The first book Between Boyfriends was just named a finalist in the MARSocial Author of the Year Competition!!

Book Description:

It’s been three years since 25-year-old Jan Weston swore off men, and her resolve isn’t what it used to be. When a family emergency diverts her travel companion to LA, a fun semester abroad in Bangkok turns into a lonely trip for one. Although she’s supposed to be studying international business at Thammasat University along with Thai massage at the famous Wat Pho, Jan finds herself studying her teacher, especially his cute butt.

But she isn’t just hot for teacher. Jan also meets an athletic Italian ready to show her a good time and an artistic Thai man who says all the right things. Can she resist the allure of dating abroad? Could she even choose which of the three she wants between the sheets? And if she does give in, can what happens in Bangkok stay in Bangkok?

As Jan struggles to finish her education amidst so many distractions, she must also deal with the loss of a friend, a deep betrayal, and news of a death in the family that could lead to an overdue reconciliation. Between The Sheets is a sensual story of making mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and finding love in the strangest of places.


So we meet back up with Jan about 3 years after the first book, Between Boyfriends. She has remained true to her no dating rule. She and Becki are getting ready to study abroad for a semester in Thailand! At the last minute Becki’s grandmother has a stroke and Becki dashes home to be with her. Becki ends up having to stay behind to care for her grandmother, and Jan is left to go to Thailand ALONE! Jan thought it would be a fantastic idea when she wasn’t going alone!

At first in Thailand Jan battles depression and the urge to run home. She sticks it out and becomes close with her tutor and struggles with a wicked crush on her massage instructor.

She sticks it out and has some AMAZING experiences – both good and not so good. I assure you that you will desperately want to visit this country by the time you finish this book! The descriptions of the people, places, and way of life are captivating.

This story was a great follow-up to Between Boyfriends and I sincerely hope we get to hear about Jan and her friends for a LONG LONG time! They are so real, and deal with real issues!


Book 1: Between Boyfriends (Check out my review HERE!)

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Book 2: Between the Sheets

SPECIAL PREORDER PRICE $2.99!!!! Only on Amazon

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SALE 50% OFF ENDS TODAY – Cherry Tart by Scarlett Jade!!!!!

cherrytartSorry for only getting this info to you today, but CHERRY TART is on sale for $1.49!!!  That’s 50% off through TODAY!!!!

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!  Who doesn’t love a plus sized girl completely secure in herself getting the hot guy!!  And this book is SUPER HOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!  Here’s a link to my REVIEW!

Here is the book’s description:

Cherry Kilgore is a plus sized beauty who moonlights at a strip club and goes by the name Tart. She dances to have control over her body and chase away her demons, hiding behind a mask, the only thing that makes her feel free. She loves ’em and leaves ’em, never letting a man get too close. Until she meets a man one night that strips her bare with his electric green eyes.

Kellan Morgan is a playboy with a good heart, who loves a woman with real curves.

When he figures out that the woman hiding under her mask is worth revealing, he decides to play her game… A game that is full of pleasure, pain, going the distance and finally getting the ultimate prize…

Realizing that love can truly be found in the darkest of places.

You HAVE to pick this up TODAY to get the FABULOUS SALE PRICE!!!!!


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$0.99 SALE!! Arielle: Immortal Awakening, (Book 1 of the Immortal Rapture Series) by Lilian Roberts

ArielleImmortalAwakeningEDIT:  The sale started early!!

One of my favorites is on sale for 2 days only!!!!  If you don’t remember my review of this one, click HERE to see it again!  The sale is for November 8th and 9th ONLY!  This is the first book in a 5 book series….I have now read books 2, 3 and 4 and I am anxiously awaiting news on book 5!!  My reviews for books 2, 3 and 4 will trickle out here in the next week or two so stay tuned!! :-)

Here is the book’s Amazon description:

A mortal soul…

From the time college co-ed Arielle Lloyd had been young, she had been able to hear the thoughts and feel the pain of certain others, and those she comes to think of as her special group. One friend’s dabbling with spells and magic showed her the power of love that can endure beyond the grave. But another friend’s terrifying encounter with a warlock left Arielle wary of those who claim otherworldly powers. On holiday in the south of France, a chance encounter could change her mind. Or could cost her life.

An Immortal man…

Sebastian Gaulle is the wealthy, handsome owner of an international company. He is also an Immortal. For five centuries he has sought the one soul who can fulfill his dreams of everlasting love. Then he meets Arielle, whose heart calls out to him like no other.

A timeless love…

Sebastian has made his choice clear. But jealous Immortals from his past threaten retaliation. They have vowed to destroy any woman who becomes involved with him. In spite of the powerful protection amulet Sebastian gives Arielle, death stalks their newfound love. Their love may be eternal, but they may be running out of time.

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$0.99 SALE and REVIEW – Keeping Score by Jami Deise

Keeping Score CoverKeeping Score was such a real-life story!!  It is also ON SALE for $0.99 for a limited time!  The sale ends October 11 so HURRY!!!

I grew up around these traveling baseball teams and I can vouch that some of them were just like this!!  I was nodding and talking out loud to this book…lol.  My husband was pretty sure I had lost it :-)

First the book’s description:

When her 9-year-old son wanted to play summer travel baseball, Shannon had no idea the toughest competition was off the field….

When Sam asks to try out for a travel baseball team, divorced mom Shannon Stevens thinks it’ll be a fun and active way to spend the summer. Boy, is she wrong! From the very first practice, Shannon and Sam get sucked into a mad world of rigged try-outs, professional coaches, and personal hitting instructors. But it’s the crazy, competitive parents who really make Shannon’s life miserable. Their sons are all the second coming of Babe Ruth, and Sam isn’t fit to fetch their foul balls. Even worse, Shannon’s best friend Jennifer catches the baseball fever. She schemes behind the scenes to get her son Matthew on the town’s best baseball team, the Saints. As for Sam? Sorry, there’s no room for him!

Sam winds up on the worst team in town, and every week they find new and humiliating ways to lose to the Saints. And the action off the field is just as hot. Shannon finds herself falling for the Saints’ coach, Kevin. But how can she date a man who didn’t think her son was good enough for his team …especially when the whole baseball world is gossiping about them?

Even Shannon’s ex-husband David gets pulled into the mess when a randy baseball mom goes after him. As Sam works to make friends, win games, and become a better baseball player, Shannon struggles not to become one of those crazy baseball parents herself. In this world, it’s not about whether you win, lose, or how you play the game…it’s all about KEEPING SCORE.

I really enjoyed this book and felt it was very believable.  I think we have all been at the point where we want to stop our mouths from spouting off, but just can’t!  Shannon was such a real person, I wanted to be there for her when she felt she had no one to talk to.  I love the real struggles with trying to decide what to do for her son without stepping on any toes.  I also loved that she listened to her son and knew when to distinguish between hot-headed 9-year-old and true feelings.  :-)
All in all this was a fun read that keeps the story going and will have your mouth dropping open at certain points.  There are quite a few of those “I can’t believe she just said that!” moments that had me laughing out loud.  Grab this book and sit down for a fun, light read!!  Sale ends 10/11/2013!!!!!

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Meet the Author!!

Jami Author PhotoA lifelong resident of Maryland, Jami Deise recently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, along with her husband Tom, son Alex, and dog Lady. A baseball mom for over 10 years, “Keeping Score” is her first novel. Jami is an associate reviewer at and blogs at

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$0.99 SALE and REVIEW – Swimming Upstream by Ruth Mancini

Swimming UpstreamDescribed as “Eat, Pray, Love” meets “The Last Weekend”, Swimming Upstream is similar in style to books by Jojo Moyes (“Me Before You”), Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”), Nick Hornby (“How to be Good”) and Blake Morrison (“The Last Weekend”).

Book Blurb

“I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident. Which is quite fitting really, given what happened.”

Lizzie has begun to achieve all the things she thought she had ever wanted, but realises instead that she is far from happy. Then she steps out into the path of an oncoming car, and her life begins to unravel, setting off a life-changing chain of events. Lizzie leaves her boyfriend and her home and moves to London to pursue her career. There, she attempts to overcome the legacy of her past and find her true direction in life. Little does she realise that her life is about to take another shocking twist… and that the consequences will be enormous. 

Swimming Upstream is a thoughtful but often humorous story about a young woman’s pursuit of happiness. Set in the early 1990s in Cambridge and London, it is also a story of friendship, love and divided loyalties – and the moral choices that Lizzie ultimately faces, when the chips are down. 

My Thoughts

Swimming Upstream is definitely a thinking, real-life type of book.  It would not surprise me at all if I was told it was a true story.  I felt like I was walking down the street with Lizzie and having conversations with her.  Ruth Mancini painted very vivid, real characters.  Lizzie has real problems and issues and ends up in some very iffy situations.
Honestly, towards the end I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to happen in Lizzie’s life.  At the end all you really want for her is what we all want in life – contentment.  We all want to know at the end of the day, month, year(s) that we did the best we could with what we had and life is actually pretty darn good.  I definitely had that perfect feel good feeling when I was finished with this book.

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Sale Dates: September 26-30

Ruth ManciniAbout the Author
Ruth Mancini was born in South London and educated in London and Cambridge where she gained a Bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish and a post-graduate diploma in law. For several years she worked in the publishing industry before becoming a practising lawyer, author and freelance writer.She now lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two children.

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SALE and GIVEAWAY – $0.99 TODAY ONLY! It’s Just a Little Crush by Caroline Fardig!!

IJALC_CoverCaroline Fardig’s cozy mystery, IT’S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH, just became a best seller on Barnes & Noble! It also hit #2 on three Amazon best seller lists, and now you can get this hilarious whodunit for only $0.99 today only! Pick it up now or see below for a chance to WIN one of two e-copies!  Read my review of this FANTASTIC BOOK!!!

It’s Just a Little Crush Blurb:

The sleepy town of Liberty hasn’t seen murder in…well…ever. Residents are stunned when the body of a young woman is found strangled, and reporters at the Liberty Chronicle are thrilled, rather disturbingly, over the biggest news story to hit town this century.

Lizzie Hart has even bigger problems. Lately, she can’t seem to concentrate on her job as copy editor at the Chronicle with the new hunky investigative reporter, Blake Morgan, swaggering around the office. How can a girl work when she’s using all of her energy combating Blake-induced hot flashes and struggling to repress the giggly inner schoolgirl that’s constantly rearing her dorky head? It’s a good thing that Blake barely knows Lizzie exists.

After an odd string of events, however, Lizzie begins to wonder if Blake is really as fabulous as she has fantasized. When Lizzie and Blake find a co-worker dead, Blake’s personality changes completely—and not in a good way. Even though the police rule the death as an accident, Lizzie immediately suspects foul play and senses a connection to the recent murder. She is determined to bring the killer to justice, but is having some trouble getting her Nancy Drew on thanks to the pesky stalker she’s picked up—Blake Morgan. Wait, didn’t she want him to follow her around and pay attention to her? Not like this. Blake has turned from cool and smooth to cold and downright scary, making Lizzie wonder if he should be next on her suspect list.

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Here is a little blurb from my review:

This book truly is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! You will love the real, in-depth characters! Lizzie is a fantastic heroine! I kept reading snippets of the book to my husband, because I think everyone should enjoy her wit. I read him enough pieces that he now wants to read it too! This book truly does have a bit of everything – love, mystery, romance, and danger!

CarolineFardigAbout the Author

CAROLINE FARDIG was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. Her working career has been rather eclectic thus far, with occupations including schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom. Finally realizing that she wants to be a writer when she grows up, Caroline has completed her first novel, It’s Just a Little Crush, and is currently hard at work churning out a second novel in the series. She still lives in that same small town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.


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$0.99 SALE – Unfinished Business by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson!!!

UnfinishedBusinessCoverSometimes the dead need our help and sometimes we need theirs. This is the theme of Carolyn Ridder Aspenson’s light-hearted and touching chick-lit novel, UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Angela Panther’s mom passes away from cancer, but you can’t keep a good woman down. She returns as a wise-cracking celestial being with “unfinished business.” The hilarious “chick-lit with ghosts” tale is only $0.99 on September 19-23!  Read my review of this AWESOME BOOK.

Unfinished Business Blurb: 

 ANGELA PANTHER HAS A PERFECT LIFE:  A lovely home, an attentive, successful husband, two reasonably behaved children, a devoted dog and a lot of coffee and cupcakes. But while her life might border on mundane, she’s got it under control. Until her mother, Fran dies-and returns as a ghost. It seems Fran’s got some unfinished business and she’s determined to get it done.

Now Fran’s got some nifty celestial superpowers and isn’t opposed to using them to levy a little ghostly retribution on her granddaughter’s frienemies and even her own daughter, which doesn’t make Angela happy.

While Angela’s shocked and grateful to have her mother back, she’s not thrilled about the portal to the afterlife Fran opened upon her return. Now every ghost in town is knockin’ on Angela’s psychic door, looking for help-and it’s a royal pain in the butt.

Now Angela’s got to find a way to balance her family life with her new gift and keep her mother in line. And it’s a lot for one woman to handle.

Carolyn Author PhotoAuthor Bio

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson tackles, with comic cleverness, the serious subjects of mother-daughter relationships, death and raising teenagers in this smart, funny take on the love of family and the uncontrollable paths our lives take. This story is very personal for Carolyn. She calls it a “declaration of love” for her late mother. You can read more about Carolyn’s personal story on Heartache to Healing.

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$0.99 SALE – Spellbound in His Arms by Angel Sefer

Spellbound in His ArmsAngel Sefer’s Romance Mystery novel Spellbound in His Arms will be on a $0.99 sale on September 18 and 19! This book was recently #14 on Amazon’s Romantic Mystery best seller list. It’s a cool island thriller that takes place on the Greek Island, Corfu.   I LOVED this book and you can check out my review and an excerpt HERE.

Book Description:

A mansion full of secrets…
From the moment investigative reporter Jackie Alexander steps foot inside the mansion dominating the Demiris estate on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, her suspicions are on high alert. This is no ordinary assignment… The life of her beloved cousin, Aphrodite, is in grave danger, as the heirs to the incredible fortune of Greek tycoon Andreas Demiris die one after the other, under mysterious circumstances…
A man with secrets of his own…
The only person who can help Jackie is Michael Apostolou, former Special Forces Officer and one of the finest detectives on the Athens police force. Soon enough though, Jackie realizes, that despite her simmering desire for him, she can’t really trust him, as the seductive detective seems to be investigating those mysterious deaths for reasons of his own…

Trusting the wrong person can be deadly…
Jackie and Michael are forced to work together, but the suspicions and unanswered questions are devouring them, just like their rising passion for each other. In games like this, the stakes are high and the players are ruthless… When Jackie is kidnapped by the most dangerous player of all, time is running out, as Michael is forced to choose between jeopardizing his mission and personal quest for justice, or the life of the gorgeous intruder of his heart…

Angel Sefer AuthorAuthor Bio

Angel Sefer was born in Athens, Greece. She has studied and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. She holds a degree in Economics, and divides her time between the corporate world and her true passion: reading and writing romance, mystery and adventure novels. She lives in Athens, Greece, with the two loves of her life – her son and her husband – and her wonderful and supportive family. Angel is a member of several writers groups.

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Spellbound in His Arms is currently available for purchase on Amazon.
It will be available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books after September 20th!

PLEASE HELP MICHEAL PRY!! – Micheal’s Blitz Weekend

Hilary Storm is generously donating all proceeds from the sale of her book “IN A HEARTBEAT” ($1.99 on AMAZON) to help Micheal Pry!!  You can read more about Micheal and his struggle on the family’s FACEBOOK page.

Micheals Blitz Weekend

There is also a Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY for Micheal’s Auction Page!!

Hilary heard about Micheal and “In a Heartbeat” she wanted to help. Hilary is donating 100% of her profits from Ebook sales during the blitz to go to Micheal’s family. She is calling all authors and bloggers to join in with her to raise money for this amazing cause.

michael~Micheal’s Story~

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as an infant, I am now 19 and I recently graduated from high school. Throughout my life, I have been in and out of the hospital for lung infections and other things related to my Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. In late August, 2012 I got very sick and my pulmonary lung function had been in decline ever since.

In November, 2012 I had a week-long evaluation at Duke University Hospital, In January, 2013 my father and I relocated to Chapel Hill just outside of Durham in North Carolina to be close to the hospital. Since then it has been daily trips to the hospital for test, labs, procedures, education classes, the fitness center daily to try to build up weight and muscle for after the transplant. On March 26, 2013 I was put on the Transplant list. On April 5, 2013 I got my new lungs. Will continue to go to the Doctor appointments, clinic visit’s, do lab work, the fitness center, learn about all the new medications I will take for the rest of my life. I will continue to be close to the hospital for 3 or 4 months until I can go home.

Even with insurance, transplantation is extremely expensive. We live 18 hours away from Duke University, so the travel and relocation back and forth for evaluations, work-ups, and the transplant will in itself cost tens of thousands of dollars, all of which must be paid out-of-pocket. Aside from this, we will have to cover the cost of co-pays, deductibles, doctor visits, and the costly immunosuppressant medications I will have to take for the rest of my life. All of this presents a challenge my family and I cannot meet alone.

To see the rest of Micheal’s story visit… OR on Facebook

I have already read and reviewed “IN A HEARTBEAT” and you can see that post HERE!!  It also includes the link to purchase the book on AMAZON as well as more information on Hilary Storm!