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NEW RELEASE!! – Arielle Immortal Journey by Lilian Roberts

Arielle Immortal Journay CoverThe Immortal Rapture Series

Paranormal Romance

Published July 14, 2014

by Booktrope

I have been waiting for this one! 

I will be posting a review as soon as I get caught up!!!


An invitation to magic…

As the love story between engineering student Arielle Lloyd and her Immortal fiancé, the striking Sebastian Gaulle, continues, Arielle is invited to attend a meeting of the secret Veneti Society. She readily accepts as she must learn to use her powerful amulet and mystical book of spells to protect herself from constant danger.

Dangerous mortals…

Sebastian’s company is about to introduce advanced security systems to protect their global operations, but the head of Russian intelligence is determined to infiltrate the company and use it to his own ends. The Russians failed once, but they’ve vowed to stop at nothing this time, even if it means the destruction of all that Sebastian loves.

A journey to the past…

As a gift from her Immortal friend Eva, Arielle is whisked back in time to the 18th century to a glittering ball in Calais. There, she meets Sebastian as a mortal man, before he was given immortality.  Although he does not recognize her, their souls connect instantly. But a jealous Immortal wants to possess Arielle as his own and vows to hunt her through eternity — and he’s not the only one. With this new evil threatening her, Arielle’s ancient amulet and her powerful friends may not be enough to keep her safe.

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See my reviews and buy links for the first 4 books in this series!!

About the Author

Lilian Roberts is a corporate engineer. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their golden retriever. She is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.

BLITZ – Hot Bodies by Jill Elaine Hughes

Fresh off her bestselling launch of her last boxed set (Knights and Kink Romance Boxed Set), indie author Jill Elaine Hughes is releasing another 99-cent boxed set: HOT BODIES: THE COMPLETE VITAL SIGNS EROTIC ROMANCE TRILOGY.

Unlike some other boxed sets, this one will ALWAYS be priced at just 99 cents. This isn’t a short-term promo sale that will disappear, this is a PERMANENT hot deal! Over 165,000 words of reading pleasure for less than a buck!


THREE FULL-LENGTH, LINKED NOVELS FOR ONLY 99 cents! Hot, Sexy Southern Romance! 

Tagline: Nurses and doctors find the high-pressure hospital environment a perfect breeding ground for hot sex and romance.

Joanna, a nurse at Covington Community Hospital falls for the new surgeon, Dr. Wilkinson. Joanna’s colleague Shirley has her eyes set on Dr. Wilkinson, too. The romantic rival lands Joanna in sticky situations. The hospital’s new stud and first male nurse Billy falls for the shy, virginal nurse Dana. Each book in the VITAL SIGNS trilogy is based on characters that work together at Covington Community Hospital in rural North Carolina and in its big-city rival hospital, University Hospital in Raleigh, NC. Hot surgeons, hotter nurses, secret pregnancies, backstabbing exes, high-drama divorce battles, and lots of jockeying for power and position at a small-town hospital. GRAY’S ANATOMY meets DALLAS! Alpha males and sultry heroines galore.

Hot Medicine (Book 1) 

Sex in Southern City (Book 2) 
Prescription for Passion (Book 3)

Buy Links:

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Twitter: @JillEHughes

4 Of my favorites are up for awards!! Go vote now!!!!

A new award from Indie Author Land!!!

They’re putting together 50 Books Worth Reading. People can vote through May 18. This is what Indie Author Land says about it:

Love them or hate them, traditional publishers acted as bouncers at the door to authorship and represented a seal of approval that readers trusted. We believe they abused this power, and we are pleased that the indie revolution is leading us into a post-publisher age. However, readers need reassuring. Who will tell them if a novel is any good?

You. Us. Other book-lovers.

And so, 5000 of you nominated your favorite self-published novels of the past year in our quest to find the 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14). From your nominations we’ve created 10 shortlists (representing the main genres). We would like you to vote on which books in each shortlist should make the final 50!

4 books I have reviewed and LOVED have made the shortlists in 4 different categories!! Thank goodness, because I am not sure I could choose between them! Check them out below!

Vote for Arielle Immortal Awakening – Paranormal

Vote for Between Boyfriends – Comedy

Vote for Spellbound in His Arms – Romance

Vote for Swimming Upstream – Literary


REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – November Foxtrot (Book 2 Rhythm of the Heart Series) by Scarlett Jade!!


Book 2 in the Rhythm of the Heart Series. Book 1, September Tango, is free on ALL platforms!

Zoe is left all alone in Colorado when Calvin returns to Afghanistan. And now, as the weeks pass, she has a secret…a secret that could crumble the precarious foundation of their relationship. As Christmas comes one shock after another leaves everything hanging in the balance… Life, death, and hope…Will they be able to ring in the New Year in happiness, or will the holidays be ruined?

My Thoughts

I really, really, REALLY love this series! It’s just so very real and honest. We are with Zoe as she battles the loneliness and depression of being in a strange place with no one while Calvin is in Afghanistan. It’s not pretty or romantic; it is how I imagine I would be if my husband was serving. You have a bone deep pride that he would serve his country, but the worry and loneliness is crippling.

The other thing I love about this series is that there is not a huge cliff hanger at the end. Yes we definitely want to know what happens to the couple, but we still get an OK for now ending. Thank you Scarlett Jade for not ripping out my heart! J I am absolutely on the edge of my seat for February Waltz!!

Grab November Foxtrot today and remember that the first book September Tango is FREE!!!


Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Goodreads

SEPTEMBER TANGO Book 1 Rhythm Of The Heart Series


Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and sexual situations.

Zoe Parker and Calvin Hall grew up together in the small town of Major, Alabama but were always separated by one person, his ex-girlfriend and her former best friend Callie. Zoe always loved him from afar and he never noticed her. After being gone for five years with the military he is back home and over a campfire they reconnect and sparks finally fly. Their passion runs hot and lost time is made up for as he realizes she is what he wants. Lies, deceit, and pain mar the magic they’ve made together, and through it all they realize that the one constant they have is each other. When Calvin is called back early for duty will they keep on dancing or will it simply be a September Tango?

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Scarlett Jade and blogger Not Everyone’s Mama are celebrating 4000 likes by giving away a $40 Amazon gift card. More than 40 authors and bloggers (and an editor) came together to add almost 70 other prizes for you to win! Ends 5/11/14 midnight CST.

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Scarlett Jade is just a small town girl with big dreams who loves to write. She has always been found from a young age with her brow furrowed, scribbling words on paper or her nose in a book. Now that she is grown, life isn’t much different, she still scribbles words, but mostly on the computer, and her nose is permanently glued to e-books! She is married to the man of her dreams, her real life knight in shining armor and Prince Charming and has one son who is the apple of her eye. You can typically find her playing in the dirt with her son, toying with her indoor vegetable garden, or snuggled on the couch with her dog Peanut Butter, reading a good book. She loves chocolate, thinks coffee should be a religion, and loves to make people laugh with her quirky sense of humor. She is bold, brazen, and even been told she’s ballsy, but she doesn’t mind, she takes it in stride. She has a huge passion for all things paranormal and spicy love stories that leave you turning the pages and dying to slide between the sheets of the next book!



REVIEW – Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann


Beth Thomas’ seemingly perfect life is about to take a detour. At thirty-five, she’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adorable kids, and finds fulfillment teaching part time at the local university.

But when a friend persuades her to go dancing on a rare night out, a chance meeting with a handsome former student changes the course of her life. Loud music, too much to drink, and the thrill of feeling young again lead to an unforgettable kiss that was never supposed to happen. Beth feels wanted again, listened to, cared for, but she knows it’s wrong.

She tries to put the memory behind her, but he pursues her, drawing Beth back to temptation. As she travels deeper into Dave’s world, Beth struggles to choose between what her mind says is right and what she truly craves.

My thoughts

This book raises so many conflicting feelings!! Let me begin by saying this book is an amazing piece of literature. The writing style was so smooth and logical. I love a book like this because I can really focus on the characters and get inside the story. And oh what a story it was.

So…..I don’t know how you feel about adultery, but I am against it. I know there are some out there that don’t have strong feelings one way or another, but I have pretty strong beliefs about it. That being said, I was able to empathize with Beth and see how and why this was happening to her. I don’t think there is a better feeling than having a author that can take something I am so passionate about (no pun intended J) and bring me around to her way of thinking. This was HUGE for me. I was worried I would not be able to get over my feelings on the matter and really feel the character.

By the end I was thankful for Beth, but mad at her too. It was interesting. I have literally been sitting on this book for a while now because I couldn’t quit put my feelings together about it. There is not a doubt in my mind that I loved this book and I would recommend it to ANY WOMAN (maybe even some men). You need to sit down and push everything else away and really dig into this book!


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*Taken from,2817,2455874,00.asp

I know this is very different from my usual posts, but I could really use some help….

We have been trying to get away from cable (TV but we will keep Internet) for quite some time. Now, I am most familiar with Apple and Amazon and I am an Amazon Prime member so I am definitely intrigued with the new FIRE. Deep down I am an Apple lover though….

Quite frankly I’m not worried about storage or processors; mainly because I know Apple doesn’t take much of a processor to be fast, so I consider them pretty equal.

What I really want is to be able to:

1. Watch any and ALL DISNEY
3. Kiddo friendly
4. Would LIKE Amazon Instant Video (I can get this on my iPhone, maybe TV?)
5. Games would be fun
6. Multiple rooms – here’s the rub (I think), are these mostly just 1 room systems?

What I desperately need is for people who have/had one or both to tell me what they are like in real life.

We are finally out of contract and I keep thinking I will be able to get my iPad A LOT faster if we get out from under the $200 cable/internet/phone bill every month!

So if you have an opinion (surely you do, right?) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE weigh in on my dilemma. I don’t care if it is via Facebook, Blog, or Twitter; all i know is that I would greatly appreciate any and all information.

How about a $5 gift card as a prize?? Use the Rafflecopter below to gain an entry. You can gain extra entries each day for sharing this post!! I am going to give this a month and see how many helpful answers I can get, and I will give one more hard push before I choose a winner.


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REVIEW – Wild About Her Wingman by Robin Bielman


Playing it safe never felt so risky.

Erin Watters is her small town’s resident wild child—she doesn’t do boring, and after having her heart annihilated, she definitely doesn’t do relationships. Her friends have other ideas, though, and when they throw down a matchmaking challenge, impulsive Erin can’t ignore it. Even when the annoyingly hot Troy Strieber accepts the matchmaker role…

As a rescue paramedic, Troy’s used to watching out for people. Never mind the bet he made with his buddy to play Erin’s wingman. But the more time he spends with the sexy, charismatic woman, the more he discovers a side of her she doesn’t let many see. Soon what started as an innocent game of matchmaking has them both thinking about the person right under their nose. But Troy’s a play-it-safe guy, and he won’t let a woman who lives for risk ever steal his heart.

My Thoughts

The bet spun out of control so quickly.  Erin is sitting around having beers with friends and before she knows it, she has her very own wingman!  No problem, right?  Maybe she will get lucky and Troy will find her a great guy?  And thankfully, her and Troy would never work so she doesn’t have to worry about that.  After all, what would Mr. Safety want with a daredevil?

The problem?  The chemistry between the two is off the charts!  Each is determined to keep a distance from the other, but some things are undeniable… and unavoidable! 

Do not miss the awesome connection between Erin and Troy.  It was a truly wonderful story to fall into! 

Buy Links

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REVIEW – Fiancee by Fate by Jennifer Shirk


Their fake relationship is a twist of fate.

Sabrina Cassidy believes in fate. So when her fiancé breaks off their engagement, she’s convinced they’ll get back together eventually. But fate was not on her side when it brought Jack Brenner into her life—and work. Frustrating, gorgeous, and cocky, Jack has an offer that Sabrina can’t refuse. Not if it means getting the life she’s always imagined.

Despite being one of the town’s most eligible bachelors, Jack has a reputation that’s working against him. He has to convince his father—and his company’s board—that he’s ready to settle down if he wants a promotion. But convincing Sabrina to be his fake girlfriend turns out to be the easiest part. What he didn’t count on was their intense attraction and how easily their lie would escalate. Sabrina’s still hung up on her ex, and Jack will never settle down. But fate has other ideas…

My Thoughts

This was such a sweet story that is definitely based on fate.  Sabrina is superstitious and definitely thinks fate dropped her fiancée into her life.  When he “temporarily” calls off the engagement she believes whole heartedly that he will come back to her.  After 3 years together and all the coincidences there is no other alternative, is there?

Enter Jack…

Jack is too good looking for his own good and Sabrina is definitely NOT looking.  In fact her and Jack can’t stop sniping at each other.  However, Jack’s father believes he needs to settle down and realize there is more to life than work.  Jack can’t see too far past eventually running the company and is willing to do just about anything to gain the board’s approval.

It is so fun to watch Jack and Sabrina come together.  I especially love that Jack does learn that there is more to life than work…..but is it too late?  Don’t miss this story!!  You will fall in love with all the characters!!


Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / iTunes / Kobo / Google / AllRomance / Amazon CA / Amazon UK


REVIEW – Resisting the Rancher by Roxanne Snopek


She’s his best friend’s sister, but he’s ready to break all the rules…

Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble. A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she can turn to is Jonah Clarke—her family’s lawyer and, as it turns out, her brother Zach’s best friend and her childhood crush. She always wanted Jonah to see her as a bona fide woman, but as a woman who’s being wrongfully blackmailed for seducing a married man? Not on her life.

Jonah is happy to help little CeeCee Gamble, if only she’d come clean about why she’s being blackmailed. But with Zach’s wedding on the horizon and Zach’s fashionista fiancée Desiree giving CeeCee a makeover, the little duckling Jonah remembers is turning into a definite swan.

And the unwritten law on sisters is clear—hands off. 

Jonah must resist Celia or lose the only true family he’s ever known. 

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this story!  It had that big-brothers-best-friend-crush, a mystery, a whacko, and a woman with the best intentions that just can’t seem to come out on top.  That doesn’t even cover the all-grown-up version of her crush!

CeeCee is a girl that just wanted to fit in with the big boys and prove herself.  Now that she has grown up and made a HUGE mistake she just want to start over in her hometown.  Jonah has always seen CeeCee, but never considered anything like a relationship since he is Zach’s best friend. He swore to help watch out for her growing up. 

However, as Des makes CeeCee over piece by piece, he can no longer deny that she is all woman! The back and forth between the two is real, and hard, and different.  They both have very valid reasons that makes them think they can’t be together.

This story was very sweet and had so many characters that just came alive. This was not the first book in the series, but it is a stand alone story. You can bet that I will be after the rest of the books now!


Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / iTunes / Kobo / Google / AllRomance / Amazon CA / Amazon UK



REVIEW – The Heart Knows What The Heart Wants by Lori L. Clark



Estelle “Star” Falconé, a thirty-year-old tattooed bartender, was once a free-spirited dreamer who dabbled in astrology for fun and secretly dreamed of
becoming a rock-star some day.

Twenty-one-year-old Shane Harper was once the star of his high school basketball team. With a full ride scholarship, his dream was to play college
basketball and study astronomy. When a tragic car accident permanently sidelines his basketball career, college is out of the question.

Sparks fly when their two worlds collide.

Can a relationship survive between a thirty-year-old starry-eyed woman who’s on the run from an extremely dangerous man, and a twenty-one-year-old science
guy who’s hell-bent on protecting her at all cost?

***Caution*** This book is not suitable for young readers. It is intended for mature adults only (18+) containing adult situations, non-consensual sex, and
violence. This is a full-length, standalone novel.

My Thoughts

WOW this book was crazy and scary and wonderful all at once! I did not put this book down once I started reading it. I loved the strength that Star pulls
out of herself. I can’t imagine being in that situation, but for her to get out with zero support was AMAZING!

I wasn’t sure what to think of Shane at first. I’m glad I wasn’t left wondering about him for long. Yes he was a good chunk younger than Star, but that boy
created disaster and emerged an amazing human being!

What I loved about this book was that all the things that make us sort of squeamish when looking at a nontraditional relationship were completely
obliterated by the end. What I mean is that while I would think I would have the same fears Star does about a younger man, we get to see them both overcome
each and every one of those issues. So by the end of the book there is no other alternative. If fact if they had not ended up together I would have
probably gone a little nuts….LOL

You need to pick up this book; it does contain some abuse so you need to be able to handle that as well. I guarantee you will not be sorry you did!!

Buy this book!!!


About the Author Lori L. Clark (taken from Story Cartel)

Lori L. Clark was born in Iowa, where she spent the first forty-six years of her life. In 2007, she loaded up a moving van and relocated to Missouri, where
she currently resides. Lori’s only child is a very spoiled Min Pin named Barkley. When not writing, she reads and runs. She completed her first half
marathon at the age of fifty.

Lori is a member of Savvy Authors, the St. Louis Writers Guild, and Romance Writers of America.

Connect with the Author Lori L. Clark

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