All About Joe Cool Review

Welcome everyone to my book review blog!! I am a ridiculous reader of just about anything although my favorite is contemporary romantic suspense. :-) A book is pretty much guaranteed if it also sizzles! ūüėČ

What you will see is my reviews and ratings on books I have read. I will also post links to some of my favorite authors and their websites and/or Facebook pages. I will review as I go and I have a HUGE library so it will take some time to get many of them back logged. I¬†am¬†aiming for¬†posting twice a week…..

I do NOT believe in trashing an author, but I will tell you if something is not for me. I firmly believe that just because a book was not something I would normally read does not make it bad.

¬†A little about me…..

My “real” job is in Information Technologies (IT) and writing the Policies and Procedures for my company which is probably why I choose to lose myself in fiction at the end of the day. I am a wife and mother of 2 (which is the other reason I like to lose myself after the short people¬†are all in bed…). I am in my 30s and have I LOVE¬†Snoopy (specifically as Joe Cool).

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and my website will mostly review Romance/Suspense/Thriller type books, but nothing is out-of-bounds! I have just over 1000 books in my Nook library and I have many in my Kindle app as well as iBooks. I tend to grab up free books and recommendations from others so please let me know if there is something I should read!!

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I am joining groups, making friends and liking a lot of authors so the content is building and building!

I am a wife and mother in my thirties :-) with a few addictions…..

  • Joe Cool (Snoopy)
  • Dr. Pepper TEN
  • Hot-Sexy-Turn-Me-To-Mush-Melt-Your-Panties books

My favorite genres include:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Erotica
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • (I¬†will read pretty much any type of genre at least once)

I currently have a NookColor and I am saving for an iPad mini! :-)

I do have books in apps on my iPhone as well, including: Nook, Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play Books. I tend to grab free books whenever I find them even if it isn’t something I would normally read, because you never know when you will discover an author that you love reading.

So keep an open mind and give each and every book a chance, you never know where it will lead you!!!

Please note: I have not posted my real name in relation to anything “Joe Cool Review” to protect my sweet, innocent family from my dirty, dirty mind…… ^_^

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