Remember how I said we were doing new things?!? You MUST listen to up and comer Tyler Rhoades!!

So it’s always amazing to watch kids grow up and see their personalities develop. I have known Tyler since he was itty bitty and he has always had a big personality. He has charmed me since he was able to smile look at me with those big blue eyes! He has grown into an incredibly talented young man and I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear his voice! He has officially blown me away now with his music!

Or watch the video here!!!

Mini Interview with Tyler!

  • Color? Blue
  • Food? Burgers
  • Song? Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  • Singer/Band? Shawn Mendes
  • Subject in school? Math

What grade are you in? Sophomore

Do you write your own songs? Not yet, I’m going to start writing soon. 🙂

Apple or Android 😜?  Apple 💪🏽💪🏽

What do you do for fun? Sing!

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