Question and Temporary Takeover!! Or New Help!

Hello all!! We apologize again for the drop off in communication, but Joe Cool Review is officially a “we”! My name is Kat and I am super excited to be here helping! Fair warning you will find my sense of humor a little more warped than Lisa’s…..;-)

Lisa has been struggling with some medical issues that have kept her away, but she is definitely on the up and up! We are so thankful! She will hopefully be popping into social media and such to help share and retweet posts, but I am going to take over the majority of the reviews for a short time.

Contact will remain the same as we sort through all the emails and new requests so rest assured we are definitely up and ready to hit it again!

I have a question is like to ask, though. Does anyone know of a decent voice to text software that’s not outrageously priced? Lisa’s biggest issue right now is energy and strength so if she could voice her posts we can help her feel more productive! Typing takes a lot more than speaking and then I can fix any funny stuff….unless it’s supposed to be funny LOL!!

Please don’t worry, but we will take prayers for a speedy recovery! She’s doing waaay better than expected and is ridiculously stubborn when it comes to these things. That’s why we love her!

Tell Me How You Really Feel..... :-)