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An Apology?!? Oh yes a big one my friends…

First, I want to give a HUGE apology and thank you to those of you that did not give up on me in my absence!
Secondly, for those that have sent in requests (and heard NOTHING) and attempted to contact me (and heard NOTHING) I WILL be getting back to you very soon.

When I started this blog it was my intention for it to be a place that my friend and I could escape and daydream and brag and boast about our favorite authors and books.  I absolutely LOVE discovering a new (or just new to me) author and the amazing things that they are able to put down in writing.  Joe Cool Review has been up and running for a little over a year now and I am so thankful to have a way to share with so many of you!

I have learned a ridiculous amount about how hard it is for them and the unbelievable hurdles they have to jump through to get their books seen by the public.  I have also discovered some authors that are truly just beginning and hope that my feedback has helped them grow as writers.

If I am offered a book that I agree to review, I will review that book honestly.  You may have noticed that pretty much everything you see on my site gets 5 stars from me, yeah? Well, there are actually a good number that you don’t see.  The reason for that is I prefer to send a note to the author and give my honest review privately if I can’t get behind it 100%.  I will absolutely still post reviews on the book’s sites (Amazon, BN, etc.) but I do try to reserve the blog for my absolute favorites.

The hardest part? Catching up!!  I had a library on my NOOK of nearly 1000 books when I began the blog and it was my full intention to go back and really rave about my absolute favorite authors.  The sad thing is, I haven’t really had time (not many of us do these days I don’t think).

So now for the biggest reason behind my lackluster performance as a blogger so far….  I have a wonderful family,  a lot of really great friends, and a REALLY hard time saying no.  So, I have been swept up in a close friend’s complicated life for nearly a year and we have been unable to use the blog as we had hoped.  I finally have had to take a step back and let her know that I can’t continue to be a crutch for her.  I fear I have only been making things worse by giving her an out whenever and wherever.  I am still her friend and I can still be there for her, but my life was getting lost in the process.  She has come so far and has such a good grip on it now that she is ready to stand on her own, I just have to let her. :-)

Ever been there?  Let me tell you how much it makes you appreciate the life you have and the people in it.  I am truly blessed and busy and yet I realized I need this blog.  I need to take the time to dive into my books and share them with all of you!!

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” ~Paul Boese

I hope that saying is true and those of you that are still with me will believe that I am truly sorry and will do my best not to let it happen again.  I am officially the only one reading the books and posting reviews; so it may take some time, but if I promised it to you, it will be done.

I appreciate each of you that read and respond to my posts in any way and I am making it my goal to return the favor more than I have been doing.  I have read so many awesome books, by really outstanding writers, and I will continue to give you reviews, but on a MUCH more consistent basis!!

Lastly, if for some reason I need to go dark again for any length of time I will send out a message to let you know and I will make sure my previous promises are fulfilled.  However, I think that I need this blog and the outlet it provides me to keep myself grounded.  Grounded in fiction is kind of an oxymoron, I think….but hopefully you know what I mean!

So please feel free to contact me using the contact page on this blog and I will get back to you.  I’m not signing up for any blog tours or anything else like that right now (SORRY AGAIN), but feel free to submit your book info to me and I will get back to you.  I warn you I have a pretty big backlog at the moment, so I’m afraid I won’t get to anything new for a while yet.  I will respond to any requests with a rough estimate of when I think I can have my review posted and you can decide if you would like me to add you to the list.


I am also working on a page on this blog that will list my favorite authors and quick links to their books and/or websites.  I realize this may be a somewhat large undertaking, because I have a HUGE imagination and can get into almost any book I pick up…LOL

REVIEW – FANTASY – Seducer Fey (Genetic Fey Series Book 1) by Cullyn Royson

SeducerFeyCoverI wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this book, but it was addictive!!  I’m always a little worried when I begin a fantasy book, because it is not my usual genre.  I need the book to give me background and explain things without going on and on.  This book more than delivered!!  It explained in such a way that I felt I had an understanding of the characters, but also left room for me to discover more unique qualities and abilities throughout the entire book!  That is so rare!  Let’s begin with the book’s blurb:

When the fairies of Celtic mythology are combined with genetic engineering, youth and charisma can be sold.

The mid-twenty-first century has brought about advancements for social justice and genetic engineering. Fluid gender identity and sexuality are widely accepted in society. The scientific quest for immortality is more popular than ever. Physical appeal, however, isn’t just about youthfulness. Any researcher who discovers the secret to charisma will make millions.

During a prospective college visit to Dalhousie University, Danny and her crush, Cassidy, are invited to the home of an eerily captivating student named Taban. There Danny learns that her DNA could be used to create a form of genetic therapy to give people longer lives for a hefty price. Danny’s life is at risk because her rights to her DNA would get in the way of this plan. Cassidy vows to protect her friend. Unfortunately for the two young women, Taban has other motives.

While this book was primarily about Danny and journey to learn more about herself and her genetics, I really felt most of the characters had starring roles.  We really were able to get into the heads of each character and learn quite a bit about who they are, what they can do,  and how they think.  I feel like I could befriend each one and that includes Donovan, who doesn’t say much. :-)

I really loved the strong friendship between Danny and Cassidy.  It was true and really could withstand anything.   From the beginning it is clear that Danny is a bit immature when compared to Cassidy, but it fit perfectly within the friendship and what we learn in this book.  I liked that no matter the events happening, neither friend ever doubted the other and knew they could count on each other.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?!?

One of the things I love about reading is getting lost in the story and connecting with the characters.  In this book I couldn’t decide who I wanted to know more about!  I really loved that sexuality was completely open and acceptable in this book.  Essentially, anything goes and nothing is judged.  LOVE THAT!  I don’t know how to explain it so it’ll make sense and not offend anyone so you are just going to have to grab it up to see for yourself!  Suffice to say that nothing was predictable!

I am very happy this is only book 1 and I cannot wait to read more about these amazing characters!!

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About Cullyn Royson

Cullyn Royson is a twenty-two year old graduate of The Evergreen State College. A combination of biology classes, swimming, fencing, and martial arts helps to inspire Cullyn’s writing. As a child and teen Cullyn performed magic tricks and made balloon animals for school talent shows.