4 Of my favorites are up for awards!! Go vote now!!!!

A new award from Indie Author Land!!!

They’re putting together 50 Books Worth Reading. People can vote through May 18. This is what Indie Author Land says about it:

Love them or hate them, traditional publishers acted as bouncers at the door to authorship and represented a seal of approval that readers trusted. We believe they abused this power, and we are pleased that the indie revolution is leading us into a post-publisher age. However, readers need reassuring. Who will tell them if a novel is any good?

You. Us. Other book-lovers.

And so, 5000 of you nominated your favorite self-published novels of the past year in our quest to find the 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14). From your nominations we’ve created 10 shortlists (representing the main genres). We would like you to vote on which books in each shortlist should make the final 50!


4 books I have reviewed and LOVED have made the shortlists in 4 different categories!! Thank goodness, because I am not sure I could choose between them! Check them out below!

Vote for Arielle Immortal Awakening – Paranormal

Vote for Between Boyfriends – Comedy

Vote for Spellbound in His Arms – Romance

Vote for Swimming Upstream – Literary

Tell Me How You Really Feel..... :-)