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I know this is very different from my usual posts, but I could really use some help….

We have been trying to get away from cable (TV but we will keep Internet) for quite some time. Now, I am most familiar with Apple and Amazon and I am an Amazon Prime member so I am definitely intrigued with the new FIRE. Deep down I am an Apple lover though….

Quite frankly I’m not worried about storage or processors; mainly because I know Apple doesn’t take much of a processor to be fast, so I consider them pretty equal.

What I really want is to be able to:

1. Watch any and ALL DISNEY
3. Kiddo friendly
4. Would LIKE Amazon Instant Video (I can get this on my iPhone, maybe TV?)
5. Games would be fun
6. Multiple rooms – here’s the rub (I think), are these mostly just 1 room systems?

What I desperately need is for people who have/had one or both to tell me what they are like in real life.

We are finally out of contract and I keep thinking I will be able to get my iPad A LOT faster if we get out from under the $200 cable/internet/phone bill every month!

So if you have an opinion (surely you do, right?) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE weigh in on my dilemma. I don’t care if it is via Facebook, Blog, or Twitter; all i know is that I would greatly appreciate any and all information.

How about a $5 gift card as a prize?? Use the Rafflecopter below to gain an entry. You can gain extra entries each day for sharing this post!! I am going to give this a month and see how many helpful answers I can get, and I will give one more hard push before I choose a winner.


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6 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!! PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE — AppleTV or Amazon FIRE??

  1. I think Amazon Kindle fire might eventually have better content. I am with their Amazon On Demand (LoveFilm) subscription for DVD and the content is best. Well, they both have Netflix anyway, but the processor is more powerful on the Kindle too.

  2. Too funny. I was just talking about this last night with my dad and boyfriend. I am tired of paying for expensive cable. so i was thinking of getting internet only friendly technology. and then watching tv thru its access. my dad gave me a newspaper article about what is available, but no idea what i am going to do yet. good luck!

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