SALE ENDS TODAY!! and REVIEW – The Storms That Fated Us by JP Summers!!


This book was VERY intense! I there were times during this book where I heaved a huge sigh of relief and thought I would finally be able to put the book down for the night……then I would read just one more paragraph (sometimes it was just the next sentence) and BAM something else would happen!

Well I will just tell you up front, this book will suck you in and not let you got until the very end! It is worth every single minute you spend with it! It was emotional and intense and life-threatening. I was thinking toward the beginning that it was going to be two people stuck in this palace of a cabin with no real threat…….BOY WAS I WRONG! They are not only fighting each other and themselves, but Mother Nature too! The place is literally falling down around them! Many times Tia wonders which she should be more afraid of – Mother Nature or Carson’s rage against her!

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Book Blurb:

As Tia Deltoro’s twenty-third birthday approaches, she looks forward to meeting up with her old high school friends and hitting the ski slopes. But what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend getaway in a beautiful cottage overlooking the mountains turns out to be a hellish nightmare when Tia unmistakably recognizes the person delivering their firewood. It has been five years since Tia graduated from New Holston High, yet she remains emotionally shackled to her past, or more specifically, to her ex-best friend Carson Rodriguez, the man holding the bundle of firewood. When he accuses Tia of setting up their chance meeting she fires back, running him off.

Unfortunately for these two former friends, Mother Nature decides to show them an intervention they’ll never forget! The drastic shift in weather conditions causes Carson to return and wait out the horrific weather conditions in the confinements of the cottage with Tia.

While the storm rages outside, the two distance themselves to opposite sides of the living room for their own protection. Tia keeps herself distracted by looking at the old high school yearbooks she had packed in preparation for planning the upcoming reunion. Through a series of flashbacks, the memories come flooding back. She can’t help but wonder how things could have gone differently if her ex-boyfriend Evan didn’t always lure her back into his corrupting grasp or if Carson’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Erin hadn’t been so conniving. In the end, all of the jealousy, secrets, and lies severed the ties that had held their four year friendship together.

With the strong winds from this blizzard of mass destruction leveling their only means of shelter one window and roof tile at a time, only one question remains… Will Tia and Carson be able to put aside their anger towards each other long enough to survive another storm?


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