NEW RELEASE and REVIEW – Two Tickets to Paradise by Scarlett Jade!!!!

wpid-twoticketstoparadise.jpgWoohoo!! I believe! I BELIEVE!!!! This story was so fun and sweet!!! I absolutely LOVED that it centered around Christmas and how wonderful it is!!

So essentially, Eve finds out her fiance is cheating scum just two weeks before their wedding! She has two tickets to paradise in the form of sun, sand and water that she was going to surprise him with. As she is feeling sorry for herself and about to leave the coffee shop….in walks Nick. They are instantly drawn to each other and before she knows it, Eve has invited Nick to go to paradise with her! Crazy, right?!? Well, she is ready to break out of her shell and what better place to go!!
wpid-nickteaser.jpgWhen Eve finds out two weeks before Christmas that the love of her life has been cheating, she’s left with a ticket to paradise. Defying common sense and
hoping for a Christmas miracle, she gives the ticket to a man she doesn’t know.Nick meets a beautiful woman at a coffee shop, who offers him a vacation, all expenses paid. He wonders if she’s crazy, but takes her up on the offer. In paradise, they realize that together they make magic. But will the secret Nick keeps tear them apart forever?

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Lover of chocolate, sexy, sweet men, and coffee, lots of coffee. Amazon Bestselling Author of Beautiful Downfall and September Tango.


  1. I have two tattoos with several more planned.
  2. I love to sing and do so often (I’m sure my neighbors hate me.)
  3. I will burst into random song and dance in public.
  4. I am dyslexic in a dirty way… I read things that are innocent and they become naughty. Makes for interesting road trips.
  5. I have no filter. If I think of something, it usually comes out.
  6. I have always wanted to be an exotic dancer.
  7. I only like the cookie part of a Twix.
  8. My guilty pleasure is really good dark chocolate.
  9. Ed Sheeran makes my ovaries explode. This is a medical fact! 😛
  10. I listen to Eminem when I write.
  11. I’ve danced on a bar.
  12. My ultimate goal is to take my husband and kid to Europe for a vacation and open a big old building and take care of people who are down on their luck.
  13. My favorite flower is a pink rose.
  14. I hate bats. When I was a kid my dad hit one and it stuck in our windshield wiper blade and stared at me until we could get home and my dad could get rid of it.  Terrified for life.
  15. My husband was my first real kiss.
  16. I really like the word fuck.
  17. I have worn glasses since I was nine when I pretended I needed them because I thought they were cool. Now I really do.
  18. I dye my hair red because I think it’s feisty and sexy. A friend convinced me to
    do it.
  19. My motto is, “Life is too short and tomorrow isn’t promised.”
  20. I grew up being forced to be modest and quiet. I kind of hit my rebellious phase in my twenties.
  21. I’m loud. Really, really loud.
  22. My signature drink is pink lemonade and blue raspberry vodka.
  23. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Everyone is just a better version of themselves then. Wish we acted that way all the time.
  24. I love to cook and bake.

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