A NEW KIND OF GIVEAWAY!! Take this quiz for a chance to win an Amazon giftcard!!!

A NEW TYPE OF GIVEAWAY!!! Well, it’s a new type for me! :-) It’s a short quiz with questions
from three books I recently reviewed, It’s Just a Little Crush, Unfinished Business, and Spellbound in His Arms. These fun mystery and paranormal themed books were quick reads, and if you read them you can answer a few easy questions for a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card! Whoever answers the most questions right wins. In the event that more
than one person ties for the most correct answers, a winner will be chosen by Random.org. The quiz will be up for 2 WEEKS, so if you haven’t read the books there’s time!!! This event is sponsored by SJ Publicity and is done with the permission of
the authors and ends OCTOBER 18TH!!!!

Spellbound in His ArmsIJALC_CoverUnfinishedBusinessCover

Take the Quiz!!

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