Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson REVIEW!!

UnexpectedAngelCoverYou may recall, I mentioned in my previous post how HOT the cover of this book is……the book DEFINITELY lives up to that reputation!  Holy cow the fabulous Dylan is 6 feet 6 inches of demanding, protective, super-hot man who really has a giant soft spot (if you can find it 😉 ).  To read my previous post with the synopsis, click HERE.

This book did have me conflicted because it was one I wanted to go on forever and yet I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!  I can see how this could have easily been a 400 page novel if it wanted to be, but part of what I liked was that you were constantly questioning what happened?!?  This is a book that goes between Dylan and Tasha’s POVs and does so very well.  There are a couple of big scenes that we experience as a character remembers them, rather than as they are actually happening.  It is the kind of book you have to be a little patient for and let the answers come when they are good and ready.  This is a suspenseful book and I definitely found my jaw dropping a few times while reading it.

The author does a fantastic job of building the suspense and I can’t WAIT to read more from her.  I can see this being a HUGE hit and a fantastic series.  When the first book grabs you so thoroughly, you can bet you’re in for one hell of a ride!!  There is a little preview of the next story at the end of this book and I am VERY excited to read the next one!  I love that we are (hopefully) redeeming Tasha’s best friend Holly in the next book Unexpected Protector.  That book is due out in October so I will be anxiously awaiting that one (no pressure Sloan Johnson! :-) ).

Buy this BOOK!!!  I really think you want in on this series!!

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