YOU WILL PAY by Eve Rabi

cover-you-will-pay-9-may-20131Note:  This book is about domestic abuse, abuse and contains strong language, violence and sexual violence.

Let me tell you that Eve Rabi KNOWS how to do REVENGE!! YOU WILL PAY gives real, gritty details of abuse and revenge and is not for the faint of heart! That being said, again this is a book of Eve Rabi’s that I could NOT put down. There was so much strong emotion it was like a physical work out! My heart was racing at the tense moments, and melting at the tender ones. That is the absolute best thing for me about any author, and Eve Rabi definitely delivers!

Here is what the book is about:


“The part I hated most about my miserable existence – the bedroom.
I hated the way he demanded sex just about every night, forced me into perverted positions and the fact that he was insatiable.
Hated the way he roughed me up during sex, grabbed my hair, twisted my neck, the way his hand fastened around my throat while thrusting vigorously into me, the way he took total control over my body and my soul and dominated me in the harshest possible way, the way he demanded I orgasm in record time, then got irritated when I didn’t, the way I had to fake it just to please him, the way I broke down and cried in the bathroom so many times after sex with him, the man I had chosen to have and to hold.

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