Dark Hearts by T.R. Stoddard Cover Reveal and Review

DarkHearts Cover TRStoddardCheck out this awesome cover!!!!

W.O.W.  That was about all I could do after reading this book, with my mouth literally hanging open…..  I liked it and I couldn’t not read it, but wow….

 But first – the book’s description:

 In the Dark Hearts chat room, a predator lurks amid damaged souls looking for someone to relate with. Fifteen year old Kara is certain she’s found Mr. Right and vows to meet him after one month of online chatting. Can you really know someone connected only by an internet connection? Or is love universal?

After losing the love of his life to suicide, a man becomes a twisted vigilante against suicidal young women. A fixed game of chance delivers his justice. Can true love break his cycle of death, or will a twist of fate let his crimes catch up with him?

 It’s scary to know that this is probably a very real depiction of suicidal teens and the people out there that prey on them.  This book sucks you in so deeply, because let’s face it, we all want to save the kids!  I was just completely blindsided by what happens, which is rare for me.  I mean the whole idea of a teen meeting up with someone they met in a chat room is a scary concept to this parent, but you want it to work out so badly and BAM!  I was literally so stunned I couldn’t stop myself from turning to the next page…mouth agape. 

 T.R. Stoddard really did a number on me with this book.  I didn’t really know what to expect, except that it would be dark, and I was so surprised at the adventure it took me on.  I really liked the ending……I felt like all my questions were answered, but there could be more.  And I would definitely read more it was very well told. 

Stay tuned as a much more detailed synopsis is posted on July 6th!!  You can also check out the author’s blog at http://t-r-stoddard.blogspot.com/!


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