Dark Eros by H. Raven Rose

DarkErosCoverThis was another dark book that took me by surprise. It’s creepy scary, with some gore, some brutality (both sexual and otherwise), but there is also the underlying love, hope, and a will to survive and take control of life again.

Book Description:


The shadow of night, desecrated corpses, dark erotic desires and a naïve girl collide when a sadistic killer stalks and murders defenseless young women in a tiny town.

 My thoughts:

Going into this book I wasn’t entirely sure I would like it.  However, the writing brought such life into the story that I was completely addicted.  I could hardly put it down long enough to get some rest!

Dark Eros takes you on such an incredible journey, with a soul satisfying conclusion, that I can’t help but rave about it.  The naive girl, Leila, is sort of stuck in a relationship with Kevin.  Kevin is lazy, mean, and a slob.  Leila believes she loves him so she stays with him – not that she has a lot of options in the small town.  Her parents are gone, killed in an accident, and she has her best friend, Shannon, who is hopelessly self-absorbed.

This book has so much emotion, from depression and gut wrenching fear to ideal happiness.  My heart was broken a few times, but was rightfully mended by the end of the book.  Dark Eros is beautifully written and I recommend it to anyone as long as you’re not too squeamish! :-)

Shudder-worthy quote:

“Give me the throwaway people…  the children and people nobody watches, the homeless addicts and slackers, the prostitutes and trampy girls who deserve what they get. Go ahead and scream if you like. Do you like to be tied up? That’s the only way I like to do it…” he whispered to himself. Then he moved.

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