Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy

give-me-love-coverEvie and Jared……sigh. I read this book for the second time before writing this review just to bring it all to the surface again. I will definitely be pulling this book out over the years (and hopefully the many more to follow it – no pressure Kate McCarthy 😉 ) to revel in a real life relationship with all its ups and downs.

This book is told from Evie’s perspective and I love that it starts at the beginning – from before they met – and you get such reality from what the characters are thinking and feeling. It’s easy to get what everyone is thinking from the descriptive way Evie details their looks and mannerisms. In short, Evie is the lead singer for a band about to hit it big. Jared and her brother Coby have started a “Consulting” company that has them involved in all sorts of dangerous assignments. Jared’s sister, Mac, and Evie are best friends and Mac is also the band’s manager. From the beginning Mac sees the perfection that is Jared and Evie “the couple”, but Evie is hesitant having been burned in the past. The roller coaster of emotions as Evie and the band rise to stardom, and her and Jared’s relationship was the best ride I have been on in quite some time! I found myself laughing out loud at the characters and tearing up when things got sticky. Kate has a real winner on her hands and I really hope we get to hear about all the other characters!

The book never slowed down for me and kept me riveted and up half the night. The nicknames they give each other as well as those around them will have you rolling! I gave it 5 stars for the writing and the unpredictability of the story. I will definitely put Kate McCarthy on my MUST buy list!

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